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About Us
​Our items are handmade by our talented Greta Anna. Greta travels between Toronto, Canada and Tampa Bay, Florida - distributing and sharing cheerful prints & spunky designs for all pets. She uses 100% cotton designer fabric, but sometimes adds silk and sparkle by special request. The bow ties and bandanas are layered with interfacing for form and durability. The bow ties attach to the pet's collar with two velcro straps for easy attachment and removal. Each bow tie is handmade, and therefore, unique. The approx measurements are 5" wide, 2.5" height.And though we love seeing your fur babies looking delightfully dapper, you should never leave your pup or kitty unattended as our bow ties and bandanas are hazardous to your pet's health if swallowed. We recommend inspecting your pet's accessories from time to time to be sure they are free from signs of wear. 

Honey Pot Pets | Leading in Pet Bow Ties

​Honey Pot Pet Studios [A.K.A. STUD-MUFFIN] sews uniquely designed and tested pet bow ties & bandanas to fit your fur baby's personality and style. Our promise: We use only materials of the highest quality standards, our items are handmade with quality materials imported from all over the world.